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Headquarters in Cranbury, NJ

Abel HR

Founded in 1992, Abel HR is a family-owned and operated Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that offers human resources and benefits administration services to small to mid-size companies. There are few firms too small or too large to take advantage of the benefits that a relationship with Abel HR has to offer. We provide top-notch service to hundreds of businesses and thousands of employees in a wide variety of industries across the U.S.

Headquarters in Farmington Hills, MI


AccessPoint professionals are HR experts. We provide your business with customized, unmatched insight and execution on a full range of human resource services. Whether your needs are employee relations, payroll, staffing, taxes, health benefits, 401(k), workplace safety, or regulatory compliance, we have the right mix to make your company work smarter. We're also involved in academic affairs. We partner with Boards of Directors and Charter School Administrators to offer services including Open Enrollments, Workers'​ Compensation, COBRA, and Direct Hire by our Educational HR team—freeing up time for schools'​ staff members to better focus on their educational duties.

Headquarters in Farmingdale, NY

Alcott HR

At Alcott HR, we have a Passion for People and Performance™. We empower leaders to focus on their core business purposes and meaning which enables them to more quickly and efficiently grow their business. Alcott HR provides clients and business owners with customized solutions for running their business, including HR best practices, regulatory compliance, payroll, training and development, employee benefits, risk management support, workers' compensation insurance and employment related administration. We serve a diverse group of successful profit and not for profit businesses across the U.S.


BBSI started as a staffing company in 1972, and evolved into a Professional Employer Organization. Over time, we saw that we could make a much bigger impact for our clients by facilitating different conversations with business owners. Helping them see what they couldn’t see before is what drives us. So, we changed the way we do business. Today, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with business owners and are relentless in our pursuit of their success. Being close to our clients enables us to maintain the hands-on, in-person relationship that drives success. We operate 63 branches in 13 states.

Headquarters in FL

Century Employer Organization LLC

Century Employer Organization (CEO), a professional employer organization (PEO), is uniquely qualified to help you navigate an increasingly complex regulatory environment, taking on the “business of employment” so you can get back to the business of…

Headquarters in Tampa, FL


CoAdvantage, founded in 1997, specializes in – and excels at – handling human resources. We are HR experts who work with small business owners as their outsourcing partner to administer payroll, benefits, workers’ compensation and core HR functions. Our integrated and flexible approach to personalized HR management enables us to provide top-level services across many industries in the small business community in all 50 states, and allows owners and managers to refocus resources on growth and development. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, we serve approximately 4,500 clients representing 90,000+ worksite employees. 

Headquarters in Phoenix, AZ


Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, DEBITFIRE is your complete payroll, back-office bookkeeping, tax planning and preparation specialist. From your downloaded checking account we record your sales , expenses, assets purchased, reconcile your bank account and prepare monthly financials and reports.  

Headquarters in Cincinnati, OH

Employee Management Services

Employee Management Services was founded in 1994 and provides professional human resource solutions to more than 160 companies and their 5,500+ employees. We focus our solutions on those companies in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, but we are licensed to provide our services in other states. By maintaining this regional focus, we offer an unmatched level of professional services to our clients and their employees.

Headquarters in Hollywood , FL

Engage PEO

  Engage PEO delivers comprehensive HR solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, sharpening their competitive advantage. Comprised of the industry’s most respected veteran professional employer organization executives, certified HR professionals and attorneys, Engage PEO provides hands-on, expert HR services and counsel to help clients minimize cost and maximize efficiency for stronger business performance. The company’s superior service offering includes a full range of health and workers'​ compensation insurance products, payroll technology and tax administration, risk management services and advanced technology as part of an extensive suite of HR services.

Headquarters in Woodbridge, NJ

Extensis Group

Extensis Group is a national HR outsourcing services provider specializing in tailored HR solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Since Extensis was founded in 1997, we have been committed to making the complex world of HR simple and helping entrepreneurial companies achieve their aspirations. Extensis Group’s portfolio includes personalized solutions and services for HR, benefits, payroll and taxes, employer risk, employee management, recruiting, compliance and leading HRIS technology. We are proud to be the fastest growing professional employer organization (PEO) in the Northeast. Now, we are honored to have been chosen as one of New Jersey’s top PEO providers!

G&A Partners

For more than 25 years, the executive leaders at G&A Partners have provided our teams with the support they need to grow and succeed, helping us to provide the top-notch expertise and value our clients are seeking. The result? An inspired workforce and a customer satisfaction rating 35 times higher than other PEOs. At G&A, we’ve built a culture that puts people first, and just as we value and care for our own team, we in turn, extend that same care to you and your employees. Our commitment to accountability, reliability, deep and evolving expertise, and open, honest communication, allows us to provide you with best-in-class service, a robust HR infrastructure, and the ability to scale our services as your business grows.

Headquarters in Bakersfield, CA

Greenleaf HR

Greenleaf HR is the leading cannabis human resource management company headquartered in Central California. After two decades, the Greenleaf HR professionals help serve the human resource management needs of a variety of cannabis-based companies across the country — simplifying human resource management for all their clients.

Harbor America

Harbor America provides small and mid-sized businesses with client, employee, and back office services that are critical to the success of their business. Harbor America provides integrated services to effectively manage critical human resource responsibilities and employer risks for their clients. We deliver these services by establishing and maintaining a co-employer relationship with the employees at the client’s work site and by contractually assuming certain employer rights, responsibilities, and risk.  

Headquarters in Troy, MI

Human Capital

In 1997 the founders of Human Capital recognized the need for Michigan-based companies to be able to outsource time-consuming and burdensome administrative tasks. Growing concerns around non-compliance and financial penalties were becoming commonplace for even the most seasoned of business leaders. Today Human Capital has grown, primarily via word-of-mouth, to become the Great Lakes Region’s number one provider of HR and other PEO solutions.

Headquarters in TX


Insperity’s full-service HR solution provides access to a wide range of services to help you increase efficiencies, effectively manage your employees and reach your goals.

Benefits, payroll administration, HR-related compliance and more – Insperity takes on routine HR tasks so you don’t have to. And with a team of HR professionals by your side, plus time-saving HR technology, you can face business challenges with confidence. One comprehensive HR service that enables you to focus on growth and opportunity

Headquarters in Orlando, FL

Key HR

How successful could you be if you could focus on what you do best? It’s a question worth asking. And we not only HAVE the answer…We ARE the Key! Key HR has aligned with preferred partner companies to offer new and innovative ways to meet our clients’ payroll, employee leasing, benefits and insurance needs. Our relationship with these companies helps business owners reduce costs, save time, optimize their workforce, increase revenue and minimize risk.

Headquarters in Pensacola, FL


We are a full-service PEO firm offering human resources solutions to busy business owners. We share employer HR tips, news & trends. We make the business of people easier with full-service human resources, staffing, recruiting, payroll, benefits, risk management, workers'​ compensation, compliance, consulting, and training solutions.

Headquarters in Florence, AL

Lyons HR

Lyons HR is a “Full Service” human resource company. We can handle one Human Resource service for you or serve as your comprehensive Human Resource Department. Our staff of professionals can help your business achieve bottom line results, freeing you to focus on the strategic issues that drive productivity, employee loyalty, and customer satisfaction.  

Headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ

National PEO

With more than 30 years of combined executive experience, you can rest assured that National PEO will always put your company’s well-being at the forefront. Founded in 1999, National PEO has risen to become a leading provider of PEO services to hundreds of companies in Arizona and the rest of the United States. With roots deeply embedded in the PEO industry, National PEO has consistently led the curve in innovation, through leadership and setting the trend for PEO “Best Practices."​  

Headquarters in Norman, OK


Nextep, an industry-leading IRS-certified Professional Employer Organization (PEO), is dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses nationwide with our human resources, benefits, risk & compliance, and payroll services and expertise. We hold the industry’s most respected accreditations, including CPEO, ESAC, the Oklahoma Ethics Compass Award, and numerous recognitions as a Best Place to Work in Oklahoma. At Nextep, our employees work every day to elevate the employment experience and enrich people’s lives. We take that endeavor seriously and extend that spirit of enrichment to business owners, their employees, and each other.

Headquarters in Melville, NY

Prestige PEO

Prestige Employee Administrators is a top tier service provider of outsourced HR solutions such as benefits, payroll administration, human resources, compliance and risk management services. We were founded in 1998 and are located in Manhattan and Melville, New York. In the late 1990s, health insurance brokers Andrew Lubash and Alan Cooperberg saw an opportunity to better serve their clients. Their small business clients wanted—and needed—HR benefits and services beyond healthcare. Andrew and Alan knew there had to be a better way to provide cost-effective healthcare and other, large-company benefits and HR services and joined forces with the goal to deliver high-quality HR benefits and services for every client. Today, PrestigePEO is an industry-leading PEO known for preeminent client service.  

Headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT

Resource Management, Inc

Resource Management, Inc. (RMI) was formed in September 1992 in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was incorporated by three individuals who had been in the Professional Employer (PEO) industry for approximately five years. Since its inception, RMI has grown from those three individuals to a staff of 60 serving over 10,000 employees in 48 states. RMI has its corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City with branch offices in St. George, Utah; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; and Denver, Colorado.

Headquarters in Rockwall, TX

Resourcing Edge

As an innovative market leader in Human Capital Management Solutions, Resourcing Edge has the proven people, skills, processes and infrastructure to offer you immediate value. Our flexibility allows us to provide the customized services our clients need. You can take advantage of our powerful technology, delivered seamlessly with dedicated personal attention. And your employees will appreciate our best practices and expertise that provide world-class service.

Headquarters in San Francisco, CA

Rippling PEO

Rippling is the first way for businesses to manage their HR & IT — from payroll and benefits, to employee devices and apps — all in one, modern system. In 90-seconds, a company can onboard a new employee and set up their payroll, health insurance, work computer, and third-party apps like Gmail, Microsoft Office, and Slack. It's the only platform that unifies every employee system, and automates the administrative work behind each.


Whether you are a Fortune 100 business, a small home-grown business or anything in between, we exist to provide customized outstanding service. Since 1990, RMP has grown and expanded to meet the needs of our clients. Our professional, reliable service is unmatched. RMP provides Temporary Workers, Mid-Management to Executive Recruiting, Professional Employer Services (PEO) and HR Consulting. Truly, every employment service you need.

Headquarters in Cincinnati, OH

Sheakley HR

Sheakley HR is a family owned, outsourced human resources specialty firm dedicated to recognizing and meeting the growing needs of employers. We provide the right blend of practical and innovative HR and risk management solutions to enhance your business while helping you manage costs and maintain compliance. Serving employers since 1963, we’ve evolved beyond our industry leading workers’ comp and unemployment claims management programs to become one of the most respected and trusted providers of comprehensive payroll, time and labor management, and HR solutions and services. We proudly represent more than 50,000 clients.

Headquarters in Miami, FL


ShiftPixy is revolutionizing today’s part-time workforce. Our innovative approach to human capital and our technology deployment balances the needs for business operators who rely on part-time labor and workers who make up the part-time workforce. ShiftPixy is a powerful platform for leveraging the gig economy forces for both business operators and workers.

Headquarters in Honolulu, HI

simplicityHR by ALTRES

ALTRES is Hawaii’s most trusted provider of outsourced payroll and HR services. Under the brand name simplicityHR, the company serves as the human resources department for hundreds of businesses statewide, providing expert payroll processing, HR administration, workers' compensation coverage, claims management, health care plans, and robust employee benefits packages, as well as training for managers and staff. Founded in Honolulu in 1969, we are the only 2nd generation, family-owned HR outsourcing company in the state, and we are very proud of this fact, because we are here with you; local people providing local support with local values.

Spirit HR

Spirit Human Resources, headquartered in Oklahoma City, is the client-centric HR outsourcing partner built to meet the needs of your business. The ideal combination of high-tech, cloud-based HRIS paired with highly educated, dedicated professionals, Spirit HR helps you navigate the tricky terrain of being an employer. With a core focus on serving clients through personalized human resources, employee benefits, payroll and risk management services, Spirit HR has bridged the gap between technology and service—enabling you to experience the advantages of a personal, dedicated team of professionals and the ease and convenience of cloud- based HRIS technology.

Headquarters in Westlake, OH

Surety HR

Surety HR, Inc. is a professional employer organization (PEO). PEOs, like Surety HR, provide human resource services to their small business clients. PEOs pay wages and taxes, assume responsibility and liability for compliance with state and federal laws and regulations as well as workers’ compensation. PEOs also provide workers with access to 401(k) plans, health, dental and life insurance that are not typically provided by small businesses.

Headquarters in San Antonio, TX

SWBC Corporation

SWBC PEO (Professional Employer Organization) is dedicated to helping your business streamline operations so you can become more efficient and profitable. When you work with us, our team of experts take over stressful and time-consuming tasks such as payroll, benefits, HR, and compliance, allowing you to focus on what’s most important–growing your business. Since 2011, we have been accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC), and we’re proud to be part of the less than five percent within the PEO industry that has achieved this level of reliability. Most recently, we have been named a Certified Professional Employer Organizations (CPEO).

Headquarters in Honolulu, HI

Talent HR Solutions

Talent HR Solutions first started out as a staffing solutions provider and it has grown into a full-fledged human resource company. Entrepreneur Sanjay Mirchandani has a true passion for helping businesses succeed. It inspired him to found Talent HR Solutions in 2003 with the intention of providing exceptional staffing and HR consulting services to businesses in Honolulu and the surrounding areas. Helping your business reach its full potential is the number one priority at Talent HR Solutions. We're happy to sit down with you and discuss your business goals. By working together, we can uncover ways to improve productivity, increase profitability, and provide your employees with some big-business employee benefits. You'll finally have the time and space you need to focus on your core mission.

A Member of PACE PEO Association

Professional Association of Co-Employers

Headquarters in Westchester, IL

Tandem HR

Tandem HR, a Chicagoland professional employer organization (PEO), partners with small to midsize organizations to further their success by providing expertise in human resouce solutions such as payroll, benefit administration, people management, risk management and organizational development. Tandem prides itself on its high-touch business model, unbundled billing format, and customized human resource solutions. Partner with our human resource experts so you can focus on doing what you do best - growing your business! +

Headquarters in Brooklyn Center, MN

The TLC Companies

The TLC Companies is the nation’s largest transportation specific Professional Employer Organization (PEO). Founded in 1985, TLC Companies is a transportation specific risk management company that provides a competitive workers' compensation solution to its customers that includes employee screening, payroll services, tax filing, unemployment claims management, workers' compensation claims management, safety services and basic health benefits in a turnkey solution. These core services are wrapped into a state of the art HRIS platform that provides real time access for clients and employees. The market differentiator is the TLC Companies’ world class risk management competencies.

Transportation Risk Services

Transportation Risk Services is a leading transportation MGA and wholesale broker serving client’s countrywide.  TRS specializes in the placement of local, intermediate, long-haul, and public automobile risks for retail insurance agents and brokers through its program and broking facilities.

Headquarters in Dublin, CA


TriNet is a professional employer organization that provides small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) with full-service HR solutions tailored by industry. To free SMBs from HR complexities, TriNet offers access to human capital expertise, benefits, risk mitigation and compliance, payroll and real-time technology. From Main Street to Wall Street, TriNet empowers SMBs to focus on what matters most—growing their business.

Headquarters in Chandler, AZ

Vensure HR

As the nation’s fastest-growing professional employer organization (PEO), Vensure Employer Services uses industry-leading technology to offer complete, end-to-end solutions for outsourced payroll, human resources, benefits, risk management, and workers’ compensation services. Available to businesses of all sizes, Vensure has the ability to design flexible and economical packages to satisfy even the most complex company missions. In the end, Vensure Employer Services gets businesses back to focusing on what matters most: revenue and growth.

Headquarters in Bakersfield, CA

Worklogic HR

Worklogic HR is an outsourcing, technology and consulting firm with expertise in human resources and related employee administration services. These services streamline and simplify the day-to-day complexities of managing employees, while helping companies operate in compliance with the vast, ever-changing regulations imposed on employers. Whether it’s HR, Payroll, Benefits, Workers’ Compensation, Safety, HRIS technology or having all your compliance needs managed by a Professional HR Management Company, Worklogic HR lets you focus on the big ideas, while we juggle the rest.