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Sanitary / Stationery Product

Sanitary and Stationery product manufacturing establishments make a variety of paper products used for writing, filing, and similar applications. Other converted paper product manufacturing includes the conversion of sanitary paper stock into such things as tissue paper and disposable diapers. products include cotton fiber paper, disposable diapers, Paper towels, facial tissues, sanitary napkins and tampons, tissue paper, toilet paper and paper towels, table napkins sanitary paper products. Stationary and writing products include Bond paper, Book paper, Bristols paper stock, construction paper, school and art paper, writing paper, loose leaf fillers and paper, office paper, tablets (e.g., memo, note, writing), Paper stock for conversion into paper products (e.g., bag and sack stock, envelope stock, tissue stock, wallpaper stock, Felts, glassine wrapping paper, Kraft paper stock and saturated felts.