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Packaging - Foam / Paper / Plastic Products

Foam, Paper and Plastic packaging products industry engage in converting plastics resins into unsupported plastics film and sheet and or forming, coating or laminating plastics film and sheet into plastic bags. It includes the manufacturing of a variety of foam, paper and plastic packaging products including Acrylic film, Bags, Flexible packaging, plastics film, Food storage bags, grocery bags, trash bags, Packaging film, Photographic, micro graphic, and X-ray plastics, Polyester film, Polyethylene film, Polypropylene film, Polyvinyl film, vinyl and vinyl co-polymer film as well as in manufacturing plastics foam products, packaging, foam plastics, Adhesive tape, Bags, Book paper, Cardboard, Chipboard, Duct tape, Foil bags made from purchased foil, Foil sheet, Gift wrap, Grocers’ bags and sacks, gummed paper products, Laminating foil, Leather board, Masking tape, Milk carton board, Paper bags, Paperboard, Pressure sensitive paper and tape, Sacks, Tapes, cellophane, masking gummed, Wallpaper, Waxed paper.