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Medical Services

The Medical Services sector comprises establishments providing health care services directly or indirectly to ambulatory patients and do not usually provide inpatient services. Health practitioners provide outpatient services, with the facilities and equipment not usually being the most significant part of the production process.They provide medical care exclusively, which are delivered by trained professionals. All industries in the sector share this commonality of process, namely, labor inputs of health practitioners or social workers with the requisite expertise. Many of the industries in the sector are defined based on the educational degree held by the practitioners. Included in the industry are: 62111: Offices of Physicians 62121: Offices of Dentists 62131: Offices of Chiropractors 62132: Offices of Optometrists 62133: Offices of Mental Health Practitioner 62134: Offices of Physical Therapists 62134: Offices of Speech Therapists, and Audiologists 62139: Offices of Podiatrists 6214: Outpatient Care Centers 62141: Family Planning Centers 62142: Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Centers 621491: HMO Medical Centers 621492: Kidney Dialysis Centers 621493: Ambulatory Surgical and Emergency Centers 6215: Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories 621511: Medical Laboratories 621512: Diagnostic Imaging Centers