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Cutlery / Hand Tool Products

Cutlery and Hand Tool Product Manufacturers comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing metal kitchen cookware or stamped without further fabrication), utensils, precious plated metal cutlery and flatware, saw blades, hand and edge tools, kitchen cookware, utensil, cutlery, and flatware, saw blade and hand tool manufacturing. agricultural hand tools,, hay forks, hoes, rakes, spades, augers, awls, axes, barber’s scissors, Bearing pullers, hand tools, bits, edge tool, woodworking, blades, knife and razor, blow torches, Butcher’s knives, C-clamps, Calipers and dividers, machinists’ precision tools, Can openers, Carpenter’s handtools, carving sets, Caulking guns, Chain saw blades, chisels, cleavers, Clippers, fingernail and toenail, Cooking utensils, fabricated metal, Coordinate and contour measuring machines, machinists’ precision tools, counterbores and countersinking bits, woodworking, Cutlery, plated metal, Cutting dies, Draw knives manufacturing, Drill bits, woodworking, Drills, hand held, countersinks, enameled metal cutting utensils, files, fish wire, fishing knives, Forks, Gear pullers, Grass mowing equipment, Hair clippers, Hammers, Hatchets, Hedge shears and trimmers, hoes, garden and mason’s tools, Hooks, Hunting knives, Jacks, Jeweler’s hand tools, Kitchen utensils, colanders, garlic presses, ice cream scoops, spatulas, Leaf skimmers and rakes, Machetes, Mallets, Mason’s hand tools, Picks, Planes, Pliers, Pocket knives, Pots and pans, Pressure cookers, Razor blades, Rulers, Safety razors, Sledgehammers, Soldering guns and irons, Spades and shovels, Spoons, Swords, Tape measures, Vises, Wheel pullers, Wrenches, yardsticks.