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Building Materials / Hardware Supplies

Building Materials and Hardware Supplies companies engage in manufacturing plastic and rubber Building Materials and Hardware Supplies from natural and synthetic rubber or plastics resins. Products vary widely and can consist of Bolts, nuts, and rivets, Awnings, Bathroom and toilet accessories, Bathtubs, Building panels, Bushings, Chemical toilets, counter tops, Cultured marble plumbing fixtures, Doors and door frames, Drinking fountains, Gutters and down spouts, Handles (e.g., brush, tool, umbrella), Hardware, Hot tubs, Ladders, Linoleum floor coverings, air mattresses, netting, nozzles, pails, Paint sticks, Plumbing fixtures (e.g., shower stalls, toilets, urinals), portable toilets, Resilient floor coverings, Rubber floor coverings, Rulers, window screening, septic tanks, shower stalls, shutters, siding, Sinks, Tiles, floor, Toilet fixtures, Vinyl floor coverings and window sashes, vinyl windows.