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Bottles / Housewares Products

Bottles and Housewares Product industry comprises companies engaged in manufacturing plastic bottles and housewares from plastics and rubber materials. Companies engage in processing new or recycled plastics resins into intermediate or final products, using such processes as compression molding; extrusion molding; injection molding; blow molding; and casting. Cups, Dinnerware, Plates, plastics bowls and bowl covers, Bottle caps and lids, Cigar and cigarette holders, Clothes hangers, Clothespins, Combs, Coolers, ice chests, Doormats, Drums, Gloves, laundry hampers, Ice buckets, plastics, Jars, Kitchen utensils, Lamp shades, Picnic jugs, Laundry tubs, Organizers for closets, drawers, and shelves, Sponges, Swimming pool covers and liners, trash containers, tumblers, urinals, Utility containers, baskets, bins, boxes, buckets, dishpans, pails, Watering cans, Hair care products, combs, Hairpins, Hot water bottles, curlers, Rubber bands, spatulas, Sponges, Nipples and teething rings, pacifiers, Rubber floor mats