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Architectural / Ornamental Metal Products

Architectural and Ornamental Metal Products industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the manufacturing of metal framed windows and metal doors, sheet metal work and ornamental and architectural metal products. Products includes Acoustical suspension systems, Air cowls, architectural metalwork, Awnings, Balcony railings, bannisters, Barn stanchions and standards, Baseboards, Brasswork, Canopies, Casements, Casings, Chain ladders, Coal chutes, Cornices, Corrals, Culverts, Curtain wall, Dampers, Door and jamb assemblies, Door frames and sash, metal, Door hoods, Doors, Downspouts, Ducts, Eaves, Elbows for conductor pipe, hot air ducts, and stovepipe, Elevator guide rails, Fences and gates, Fire doors,Fire escapes, Flagpoles, Flooring, Flues, Flumes, Frames, Garage doors, Gates, Gratings, Grills and grillwork, guardrails, Gutters, Hampers, Hangar doors, Highway guardrails, Hoods, Irrigation pipe, Jalousies, Joists, Ladders, Lath, Louver windows, Louvers, Machine guards, Mail chutes, Molding and trim Ornamental Partitions, Pipe bannisters, Pipe guards, Pipe railings, Pipe, sheet metal, Purlins, Radiator shields and enclosures, Railings, Registers, Rolling doors for industrial buildings and warehouses, roof deck sheet, scaffolds, screen doors, Screens, Sheet metal work, Shutters, Siding, Skylights, Spouts, Stair railings, Staircases, Stairs, Stalls, Storm doors and windows, Stove boards, Stovepipes and flues, Studs, Treads, Trim and molding, Troughs, Ventilators, Weatherstrip, Window frames and sash, Window screens, Windows.