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ASO and Payroll Services

ASO and Payroll Services

Payroll solutions are available in many forms. Traditional payroll companies, perform basic payroll processing functions. This includes payroll tax accounting, reporting and submission to Local, State and Federal Tax agencies. They provide employee payroll administration, including time and attendance, tracking of vacation and sick leave, Income Tax Withholding, FICA, Medicare and deductions for garnishments and child support. Direct deposit and payroll cards are available from most payroll providers.

Some payroll packages include modules for PTO or paid time off, employee communication, and easy to use mobile payroll applications.


Payroll administration and reporting varies greatly by provider. Administrative Service Organizations or ASOs often include a wide range of reporting options. Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation, or “PayGo” premium payment administration and audit assistance may also be available.


Some ASO and Outsourced HR providers offer robust Employee Self Service, and HRIS platforms. Expert employee administration, HR management, personnel support, as well applicant tracking systems and recruiting tools, which can help you find the best candidates. Virtual HR and comprehensive online payroll service providers can be found by searching for “internet payroll companies”. Start-ups and small businesses are attracted to the leading Web-based payroll platforms because of their ease-of-use, transparent pricing, and access to ancillary employee benefits and HR services.

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