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About Us

About PEO-Quote.com

PEO-Quote was developed by our Founder, Bruce Silver, along with other experienced individuals with many years of experience in payroll outsourcing, workers compensation outsourcing, employee benefits outsourcing and human resources outsourcing. Request your FREE PEO Proposal and PEO Quote will find the Right PEO for YOU!

Bruce Silver
Bruce Silver, Founder

PEO-Quote partners with a select group of professional employer organizations and employee leasing companies from across the nation. You know that the service you receive is a first rate value whether you’re looking for a PEO in just Florida or every state across the nation.

Hiring a PEO

Hiring a PEO is just like any other professional service you may use regularly such as an accountant. You may be able to do your taxes yourself, but when all is said and done the time spent would not justify the savings. Your accountant would complete the task quickly and correctly.

A PEO works much the same way. It saves you the time you usually spend doing the administrative tasks that come with the responsibility of owning a business. You know that there are experts working to make sure all of your employee administrative tasks are done quickly and correctly. This extra time that you can spend on your business that is made available to you will more than pay for the cost of a PEO.

Request your FREE PEO Proposal and PEO Quote will find the Right PEO for YOU!